CBM 8060 series (8061 and 8062)

From: Hoffmann-Vetter, Martin <martinhv_at_arcor.de>
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 22:32:00 +0200
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after i read the file IODEFS from the archive harddrives.zip at
ftp://ftp.zimmers.net/pub/cbm/firmware/drives/old/9090, i would say it's not
from the 9060 or 9090. There are two PIA at address $4000 and $6000, one VIA
at $A000 and a DMA chip (Intel 8257) at $8000. If i look at the photo from
the 8061 PCB i found these chips. So i think, the harddrives.zip is for a
modified 806x. All comments in the IODEFS are for 8 inch drives.

So i have any questions. Does anyone know about the 8060 series? I don't
find any documents about this drives. The hardware design must be different
from the other drives. It's an single cpu system with an other memory map.
(See the addresses of the io chips.)

I know the DOS is in ROMs with the CBM part numbers 901488-01 and 901488-02
(24 pin chips). Who has dumped this roms? Witch DOS Version is it? How large
are the DOS (two ROMs with 4KB or 8BB)? What's about the 901489-01 (it seems
a rom, too)? Is this the GCR decoder? Is it right, that these drives can
handle commodore GCR and IBM 3740 FM coding?

I've read, the 8061 has a 800KB drive and the 8062 a 1,6MB drive. What is
about the 8060? A single drive unit?



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