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On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 07:05:36PM +0200, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:
>>The end of the story was that I went to a CES show and woman pulled me 
>>into her booth to show me the educational software she had written for 
>>the C64. I remember her display had nasty lines in it, she didn’t yet 
>>have access to the R7 chips.
>The 6567 before R7 were that bad? Since I live in PAL land I have 
>never seen them and the 6569R3 and later always produced a very good 
>picture if the Monitor was hooked up by Chroma/Luma.

I live in PAL land too, but I traded a few 6567 chips for 6569. As far 
as I remember, the 6567R8 is comparable to the 6569R3. I got one or two 
of them. The oldest NTSC chip that I encountered was a 6567R56A, which 
is about the same picture quality as the 6569R1 (both in ceramic case).

A peculiar thing about the 6567R56A is that the video timings are 
different. It is 64 cycles per line, while the 6567R8 is 65 cycles per 
line. Maybe even the number of lines differed. All 6569 revisions that I 
know of are 63 cycles per line and 312 lines per frame.

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