Re: info cpm board for cbm 8032

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 13:33:19 -0700
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Hi Ruud,

On 8/10/11 12:42 PM, wrote:
> Is it possible to say what belongs in the smaller empty socket? I
> must be a ROM because there isn't one on the board But OTOH the
> pinout is weird, certainly not like any (EP)ROM I know.

The article does not mention this socket.  The photo accompanying the article 
is small and not very clear.  It's hard to tell but it looks like the socket 
may be empty.

Dave Dunfield's photo also shows it empty:

Maybe it doesn't need ROM.  The article seems to indicate that the RAM on the 
board can be accessed from the PET.  Perhaps the board tristates the Z80 by 
default, the PET loads Z80 code into the RAM, then some bits on an I/O port 
start the Z80 running?


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