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From: Nate Lawson <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 08:50:13 -0700
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On Jun 20, 2011, at 7:50 AM, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Olaf "Rhialto" Seibert wrote:
>> 4 PETs connected to a single 4040 disk drive and a 4023(?) printer using metres long custom IEEE cabling that was chained from computer to computer and finally to the disk drive and printer.
> Yes, I think this is known as PET-switch, MBS-xxxx (I forgot the actual number).
> When I rescued PET systems a couple of years ago, I came across a couple such setups. They appeared to consist of one master unit to which you connected the floppy drive, hard disk, printer etc. This master unit connects to your first PET in the chain, then you use 25-pin flat cable to chain to a daughter unit connected to the next PET in chain, and then another length of cable to the next daughter unit. I'm unsure if there was any need of termination or if the last PET somehow connected to the master, but I don't think so?

Ah, so nice to find out after all these years. My school had a setup like this too, until about 1994(!)

The teacher's PET (get it?) would mediate access to the drive, and I think each student computer could access only some of the files. I don't know how that access control was implemented though.

Pretty advanced, and long before Novell.

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