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> >>
> >> There is a ZoomFloppy mailing list at google groups for these kinds
> of
> >> questions. You may get a more prompt reply there in the future.
> >>
> >> The ZF doesn't use a drive letter. It's not a mass storage device.
> It
> >> sounds like you have some kind of third-party software installed for
> >> your flash drive ("LaunchU3"). It is possible this driver doesn't
> >> understand the ZF (a USB device with two bulk pipes but it is
> vendor-
> >> specific, NOT mass storage) but it is still trying to claim it.
> >>
> >> I'd try uninstalling the LaunchU3 program and see if that helps. You
> >> don't need a special driver for USB flash drives. They've been
> >> supported natively in Windows since Win2k.
> >>
> >> -Nate
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> > Nate,
> >
> > Def odd. LaunchU3.exe is the files that gives you the U3 Task bar.
> The Flash
> > drive normally takes two drive letters, one being a CD-ROM drive. But
> no
> > matter what drive letters I give it, it seems the ZF has already
> taken them.
> > Like the ZF takes ALL the available drive letters when connected.
> >
> > I'll see if anyone on the ZF google group has had this problem.
> >
> > Thanks to the quick response.
> The ZoomFloppy does not use any drive letters (none). I think the
> driver for the U3 hardware is behaving improperly. If you uninstall the
> U3 driver and let the Windows native driver handle the USB flash
> portion, you shouldn't see any problems.
> -Nate
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I looked in the 'Uninstall or change a program' and LauncherU3 WAS
installed. I uninstalled it and then ran CCleaner Registry cleaner and then
rebooted. Plugged in the ZF and then the U3 Device. I got the same error. I
looked again in the 'Uninstall or change a program' and LauncherU3 was not
there. The autorun.inf file is listed below. 

open=LaunchU3.exe -a
action=Run U3 Launchpad





The two Drive letters used by the U3 Device are below

Drive Letter	Drive Type	Drive Name	Drive Description
Connected	Instance ID	Device Path	Last Update Time	
G:\	Local Hardware	SanDisk SanDisk Cruzer USB Device
@cdrom.inf,%gencdrom_devdesc%;CD-ROM Drive	Yes
\Device\CdRom2	6/13/2011 5:39:33 AM	
H:\	Local Hardware	SanDisk SanDisk Cruzer USB Device
@disk.inf,%disk_devdesc%;Disk drive	Yes
\Device\HarddiskVolume4	6/13/2011 5:39:43 AM	
I know that my Western Digital USB Drive doesn't run software to install a
CdRom so I don't get the error. So it seems to be tied to the CdRom. The
CdRom seems to be a requirement in order to get the U3 Application Menu
because when I double click LauncherU3 after the error I get the error

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