From: Scott <rylos_at_charter.net>
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 20:12:22 -0400
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I'm really enjoying my ZoomFloppy card. Though I've run into an issue. With
the ZoomFloppy connected when I connect my U3 Flash Drive I get the
following error. 


Windows has allocated a drive letter to the U3dirve that is already taken by
another drive on your machine or there are no more drive letters available
on this machine. Try disconnecting any network drives that you have
connected to your computer and restart U3 by double-clicking LaunchU3.exe or
the U3 System CD-ROM icon. 

If you do not have administrative privileges that allow you to disconnect
network drives, contact the system administrator

For more troubleshooting timps click the Troubleshoot button.' 

I am running Win 7 Pro 32bit. Anyone have any Ideals what is causing this? I
can connect the U3 1st and then the ZoomFloppy and I'm rocking. But when I
reboot or remove the U3 Drive I'm back to this issue. 

Note: I've still not been able to get an Amiga Boot Disk V1.2 for my Amiga
500. Is there anyone out there that could make me one or 2 just in case I
ruin one while trouble shooting my 3.5" drive issue.

Thanks in advance

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