Re: sd2iec ported to petSD

From: Nils Eilers <>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 23:20:58 +0200
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Am 30.05.2011 um 20:10 schrieb Seth Morabito:

> I must admit though, I am a little disappointed, because I was working on exactly the same problem at exactly the same time :) [...]
> But since you have the same solution in a more mature state, I don't think it's worth it for me to continue. I would be happy to help test your code or contribute in any other way, however.

There's no reason to be sad. Should be lucky you found somebody saving you from hours of work :-)
It should be easy to port it to your hardware. As I've seen, the Teensy++2.0 uses a AT90USB1286 - it has enough Flash and RAM to run the software.

I've send Ingo a patch and hope, it appears in the git codebase soon. Have a look at for the git codebase.

You'll have to create a new file config-<name of your hardware> and add a section in src/avr/arch-config.h concerning hardware-specific things.
You can start by copying the existing petSD entries and adapt them to your hardware.
Guess you'll have to edit src/avr/arch-timer.c too to install a 100Hz interrupt timer, since a AT90USB1286 has probably other registers that a 644/1284.
Should be able to compile it then with make CONFIG=config-<name of your hardware> and you're there! :-)

I sent Ingo a patch and will make a project page in a few days with schematic and things.
Reading "great time to add the IEEE option" makes me very happy!

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