Re: Commodore Plus 4 kernal/basic disassembly

From: Daniel O'Shea <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 11:25:10 +1000
Message-Id: <>
On 22/05/2011, at 6:40 AM, Gábor Lénárt wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would need kernal (and if possible basic too) ROM disassembled for the
> Commodore +4, if it's possible with comments, etc.  I know it exists for the
> C64, but it seems it is much harder to get something similar for the +4.  I
> have tried to google a bit, but what I found was already "dead link".
> Any resources are welcome, I couldn't find anything usable yet :(
> thx!

You may already know about it - but the Wayback Machine at can be a really useful tool for chasing up dead links:

there's a new beta version as well, but not sure what the differences are:
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