Re: PET 2001 fix Part 3 - RAM/ROM board etc.

From: Philip Lord <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 06:16:34 +0900
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I've posted another video showing some simple typing tests:

- typing in 1 thu 9, and repeating
- followed by repeated returns
- a CLR command
- followed by more 1 thu 9 repeated.

At one point, as the cursor nears the right side, 3 flashing cursors appear!!!


On May 17, 2011, at 1:00 AM, Rhialto wrote:

> On Mon 16 May 2011 at 13:06:32 +0200, Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:
>>> I'll hook up a keyboard and reinstall the 6520's to see what happens 
>>> when I actually start typing something.
>> In that case you can forget the ASM and use Basic to poke and peek those
>> addresses I mentioned. Should do the same trick.
> Or, once you can do some actual typing, just type 40 characters on a
> line and keep track of whether they appear twice. Especially when you
> get close to the right side of the screen, it may be that what you're
> typing starts showing up copied on the next line too.
> First I had the impression that maybe more or fewer than 40 characters
> might be present on a line (that would account for some shifting too).
> But I counted one of the pictures and that seems ok (making it even more
> mysterious what happens...)
> -Olaf.
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