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The mechanical or electrical failure of the NEC mechs in the 1000s  
was well known.  After that, detritus is more likely - thing that I  
saw killing drives most was the diskette metal closure would fail,  
catching the r/w head and ripping the heads from the metal foil  
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> Hi Anders! ;-)
> On 2011-05-02, at 23:33, Anders Carlsson wrote:
>> Scott wrote:
>>> Also, the disk drive continually runs or clicks
>> You should be aware that Amiga floppy drives tend to be the first  
>> item
>> to break. There are a lot of Amigas out there which work except  
>> for the
>> built-in floppy drive. The mechanism is the same Chinon F?-354  
>> type as
>> found in e.g. Atari ST and some other computers.
> There were others too. From Panasonic, Teac, Matsushita... They  
> need to be jumpered to be drive 0 (react to DS0 signal) and  
> appropriate RDY/CHG lines.
>> Supposedly the way the
>> Amiga accesses the floppy drive would shorten its life.
> I don't think it is the way it's been accessed. When running a  
> repair workshop back in the days I had those discussions all too  
> often. Customers compared their 2/386 floppy drives (where all of  
> them had harddrive inside) used once in a blue moon to install some  
> "serious" software on the HDD to the Amiga floppies used for  
> _every_ boot done by their children with diskettes bearing remnants  
> of "everything", starting from pieces of chocolate cake, thriugh  
> pets' fur up to unidentifiable substances. My opinion is that the  
> increased wear due to lack of harddrive and games that would run of  
> it plus the statistical difference in handling of the media by the  
> end users is what causes the apparent difference in failure rates.
>> The fact that the drive reads for a few seconds then fails tells me
> That the machine is most probably fully working except the diskette  
> or the drive.
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> SD!
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