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From: Gábor Lénárt <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:32:36 +0200
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On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 09:02:11PM +0200, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> > This means the need to write a
> > custom driver then of course, but maybe it can be done then using a more
> > modern OS (I am thinking about Linux, anyway I wouldn't try to write a
> > device driver for Windows ...).
> You are aware that OpenCBM runs on Linux? Even more, OpenCBM started out
> on Linux (done by Michael Klein) and was ported to Windows by me
> afterwards. So, why is Linux a "more modern OS" then?

More modern than DOS :) The original topic was to run my PC also as a
'virtual 1541' for CBM machine, and it was mentioned that DOS is needed then
on the PC to have exclusive control because of timing issues. What I mean
that I would not use DOS as the (cross-) development machine, and just
having a DOS box too is a bit overkill again. I guess you get my sentences
in the wrong way: I haven't compared Windows/Linux (what you thought maybe)
with "more modern" but DOS with Linux. Anyway I never ever used Windows
(really!) but here it was not the question at all.

> > However I am still not sure, it can be
> > garantueed even with IRQ on the PC side to have that 1ms, and since I don't
> > know deeper thing on IEC protocol, I am sure it's not just this simple as I
> > imagine ...
> If the IRQ would not be able to guarantee 1 ms, then OpenCBM would not
> work. We most react to the listener hold off in less than 200 us, or the
> other side will think we are signalling an EOF condition.
> > Honestly, since the need of parallel port, MSDOS, etc, I think the way
> > should be followed to use some kind of uC at least,
> That's what the ZoomFloppy (or the XS1541 or the XU1541) is about.
> That's exactly why they were invented.

I know (now), and even at the time of my first mail I had that suspect, just
I wanted to save money/time etc, if building a simple cable is enough which
can be done by myself easily too, also no money is needed (I have some spare
parts at home). However building something like those we're talking about
are not simple, and it needs to purchase some parts, and/or you should order
the ready product. Unfortunately it's hardly an option for me, currently
because of other financial problems here ... And the sad news about these
things that those are very expensive compared to their "knowledge" to a PC
hardware for example. Ok I know, these are low-mass products etc, but still
it can be problem for people like me. Building can be an option which is
cheaper (I think) but then my experience is not enough to build these, or
not even instructions/PCB layouts/firmwares etc (usually) that one can build
one, I don't like this aspect too much :-(

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