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From: Nicolas Welte <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 19:54:59 +0200
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Hi Marko,

On 27.04.2011 08:55, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> There is my C2N232I, but it has some problems. First, RS-232 is facing
> extinction, and good USB-to-RS232 adapters with good, cross-platform
> drivers are rare as hen's teeth. A USB CDC ACM version of the C2N232 could
> be worth considering. Second, I have not touched the code since 2003. Back
> then, the device successfully "emulated" a drive to a C64 and a VIC-20.
> What did not work was controlling a 1541. (The interface is supposed to be
> capable to act both as a controller and as a slave.)

Just for who's interested, I have still lots of PCBs and parts lying around 
for the C2N232I, including the matching pre-machined little plastic cases. 
Unfortunately, it is not easy to build (aha, the third problem!), and I 
have no time doing so. Not to mention problems with todays laws regarding 
production and distribution of electronic equipment, which I can't fulfil. 
Those who tried to build it on their own know very well that it is quite 
tricky to assemble it without mixing up some parts.

> I guess that I should revive the effort soonish, because my programming
> software of the Vic Flash Plugin <>
> needs to load a multi-megabyte image file. I would prefer an "in-house"

I justed wanted to answer that I never heard of this device, but after 
reading about it, I remember you talked about such a device long ago.

Nowadays, there is also the Final Expansion 3 and other multi-cartridges 
for the VIC-20. Being very late to follow these developments, I just 
ordered empty PCBs from for the FE3 and found that some 
parts on it became obsolete already. I think I managed to source them and 
I'm curious how it will work for me. The big advantage, in my opinion, is 
the inclusion of a well working SD-card IEC device (SD2IEC) on the cartridge.


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