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From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 07:38:12 -0500
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On 4/26/2011 3:38 PM, Gábor Lénárt wrote:
> Honestly, since the need of parallel port, MSDOS, etc, I think the way
> should be followed to use some kind of uC at least, which is a much
> "comfortable" solution and no need to have "extra" stuffs like a PC running
> DOS ... I know about projects like 1541-III, SD2IEC and such. However, I
> still think I don't want to "fight" with memory cards etc, when my goal is to
> use PC "as the drive" but in a modern way, let's say via USB connection.
As someone noted, the hardware exists: ZoomFloppy.  It was designed to 
allow firmware updates to include drive emulation.  But, it needs 
firmware updates, and given the other alternatives (1541U, SD2IEC, 
1541III, etc.), it's not been a top priority.
> Is there any project like this? As far as I can see, the mentioned projects
> by me are mainly focused on various memory cards (or connecting a real 1541
> to PC again, just with USB), while I would like to use my PC as the data
> source (of course it's acceptable to transfer at least some parts of - let's
> say - the disk image to the uC, just I don't want to write/read memory card
> on PC, change it, read/write with the CBM machine on the end of an 1541-III
> or so, change it, etc etc ...).
IDE64 offers a USB connection option that make a remote PC look like a 
drive, as far as I know.  Also, WarpCopy (I think that is the name, time 
is short right now), works with a network card to allow data to be 
transferred.  You might also want to look at PCLink, which I believe is 
used by X-devs in just the mode you are describing.
> Some cross-development projects would need this for me, that I can easily
> access data from both of C64 and PC but using no special software on the C64
> (or DTV) side. For this, I think the best solution is to use the PC as the
> 1541 itself, that's the reason of my whole thread here.
I think the best solution is an IEC-based device that utilizes 
Ethernet.  Such a device could attach to local or remote storage, as 
well as remote repositories.


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