Re: SCSI expert needed

From: Peter Krefting <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 10:45:58 +0100 (CET)
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> A very quick Google search brought me this:

It does indeed seem to have the more or less the same structure as its 
successor SCSI, including the variable length commands.

Looking at page 32 (37 in the PDF), it does have six-byte group 0 comands, 
10-byte group 1 commands and 12-byte group 5 commands. I don't have my SCSI 
quicksheet available, but that's quite like SCSI.

Wikipedia does have documentation for many of the standard SCSI commands -

For SCSI, the range of commands differ depending on the type of device you 
are targetting, so you first need to ask the device about what it is 
(12 INQUIRY), and then target your commands accordingly. It doesn't seem 
like SASI had that.

(In my previous job, with tape streamer libraries, I did work with SCSI 
commands, both on the sending and receiving side. Mostly that was tunneled 
over a serial "ADI" interface, used for communication between the library 
and the tape streamer(s). The command interface was SCSI, but the link was a 
fairly simple serial cable).

\\// Peter -

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