Re: C128 Swedish JD ROM issue

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 21:50:36 -0800 (PST)
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> MagerValp was kind enough to provide a Swedish JD ROM image to me, and I 
> have recently been able to have someone test it.  This is their report:
> It worked as as it should with keyboard layout and loading/saving.
> Everything seemed OK until I copied some files with FCOPY+. The program
> worked but when you exit the program (<- key) the screen fills with
> garbage. More garbage appears after every command in direct mode, not
> when using the basic editor (10 PRINT ...).
> After some digging I found that the cause was in line 69 of FCOPY+
> where it does a "POKE 808,237".
> According to "Mapping the C128" is ISTOP (Indirect STOP). I'm at a loss. I
> really don't get what happens here... But I'm not a coder and I really
> don't know the C128 that well.
> This is easily reproduced in VICE if you want to test it, just tell x128
> to use the swedish rom and POKE 808,237 and you'll see what happens.
> If you restore the original value (110) the problem goes away.

POKE 808,237 looks like a 64 POKE (,234 disables R/S-RESTORE, ,237 re-enables
it). Strange it would be in 128 mode.

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