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Niklas and Anders, 

I'm watching about 6 on Ebay. Great information! 

Some more questions: 
Does the VIC-20CR have the Multi-colored VIC-20 logo?
Does the RAM chips effect performance, longevity or replace ability? :)


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Niklas Ramsberg <> wrote:

> the first revision [..] has the PET style keyboard

Only the very first VIC-20's. I own and have seen several "two-prong " 
(9VAC) VICs with the Helvetica style keyboard. On the other hand there are 
DIN powered VICs with both Eurostyle and Helvetica keyboards.

Practically speaking, the VIC-20CR model that is DIN powered is more handy 
because you can use your existing C64 power supplies with it. You can even 
power it with the slightly beefier C64C power supply if you feel the need. I

think some internal expansions like Nicolas Welte's RAM/ROM board may fit 
differently in a first revision VIC-20 or a later revision VIC-20CR. Some 
external cartridges may also have different fits depending on how wide the 
cut-out in the plastic is.

Another thing to consider is how many chips are socketed and how many are 
soldered directly to the board. Based on my experience, it is more a matter 
which factory or perhaps which employee assembled the unit rather than which

revision it is. Generally speaking the older machines more often came with 
sockets for all the large chips, but you may also find a CR model with this 
feature. It could also be noted that the first revision VIC-20 uses 11*2114 
RAM chips while the VIC-20CR uses 2*6116 + 3*2114 if I recall correctly.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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