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From: MikeS <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 10:50:28 -0500
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I have the original disk, manual and binder/box for both the PET and the C64
Assemblers but no way to transfer/scan them at the moment; Steve Gray has
offered to transfer them (and maybe I can also talk him into scanning the
docs ;-), so if you can't find Ken Ross and no one else comes up with an 
archived copy I'll give them to Steve at the next TPUG meeting in three 

Let's hope that the disks are still good.

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> On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 08:09:51AM +0100, Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
>>Moreover, some of the archives seem to contain C64 an VIC-20 files rather
>>than PET files. When one of us has the complete set as D64s maybe we
>>should alert Bo so he can organize them appropriately.
> Maybe Ken Ross is still around and still has the original disks? We could
> help him to transfer the disks as disk images instead of going through the
> Lynx route.
> Marko
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