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Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 22:48:16 +0200
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Hallo allemaal,

Here is the email I wrote to mr. Templeton and, more important, his 
answer. He receives this email as BCC.

Dear mr. Templeton,

As you can see this email goes to the CBM-Hackers list which has 
members all over the world. So once we know where you live, maybe 
it is possible to find a 1541 for you. For privacy reasons a city 
will do. I'll ask who lives in the neighbourhood and send you his 
email address. Then you can arange things between you both without 
the need to inform the whole internet.

Thank you in advance!

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  On 10/23/2010 8:00 AM, wrote:
> Dear mr. Templeton,
> I'm a member of the Dutch user group Commodore-GG,
> , and a lot of people consider me as
> the PET/CBM expert. I was asked if I knew a native assembler for
> the PET. I haven't been told yet what model is involved, so it can
> be a CBM as well (over here they call all older Commodores PET).
> Using my self-written cross-assembler on the PC since 1989, I had
> no idea. Asking the CBM-Hackers email list, someone pointed me out
> to PAL as he still used the C64 version.
> My question: is PAL for the PET/CBM still available/for sale?
> Thank you for your time!
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Not for sale, but I have been meaning to put it up free.  I just 
need to 
get a 1541 disk drive and read one of the old disks, if I can still 
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