Copy Protection of PET cassettes - Flash Attack.

From: Bill Degnan <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 08:27:27 -0400
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While on the subject of copying assembler programs on the PET

I have a copy of Flash Attack on disk that works and I can hook up two 
computers to play the game.  I can locate the program in memory but I have 
not been able to copy the program to cassette so I can run it on a really 
old PET.  I attempted to simply copy the memory location data into memory 
and dump to tape but this did not work.  I hunted around memory to try to 
find a missing bit or string of memory that must also be copied?  I know 
that this program used a copy-protection of some sort, but so far I have 
not been able to figure out how to move the program to cassette.  Anyone 
run into the same problem?  I noted what memory addresses change when the 
program has been run, but if there is a bit someplace to disallow the 
program to run  I can't find it.  

Here is a page I made about how to copy programs in mach lang from cassette 
to disk and back again for anyone here who does not have the how-to:

Bill Degnan

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