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Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 15:34:46 -0500
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Actually Ethan Dicks might know more about it than I; last I heard he had 
Phil Lord's (?) original PET board from Japan for repairs.

IIRC the CG ROM was not an original CBM ROM, but an EPROM in an adapter and 
in fact one of the problems with that PET was with the CG ROM, so we had to 
recreate it. AFAIK the Exxx editor ROM was the standard one though.

My PET just had the keyboard with the Japanese characters (in addition to 
the graphic symbols) so I can't say anything definite about the CG or Exxx 
ROMs, but it seems to work fine with the standard E ROM.

I'll post some pics when I get back home; I think Ethan hangs out here, 
maybe he can add some info.


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Hello MikeS,

>> Well, one of my PETs has a (new style) Japanese graphics keyboard
>> (and char gen) and I know someone in Japan with a chiclet style
>>  Japanese keyboard, but that's probably not what you're asking?
>> I do have pictures of both seomewhere FWIW.
> oh please, if there are keyboard modells NOT yet selectable in
> vice... i want to know about these aswell =) (links to the respective
> chargen dumps would be interesting too :))

When the CharGen is changed, i think the Exxx ROM is also changed. So it is 
better you dump this, too.

At this moment, can you post the numbers on the CharGen and Exxx ROM? Is it 
an original CBM number? Or can you make a photo, too?


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