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From: André Fachat <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 22:37:55 +0200
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Actually I am the author of that code (at least originally :-)
But I have to admit I didn't really remember the reason.
So I looked into the VICE code. The additional mappings are for
German characters (umlauts, sharp-s) - as this is a symbolic mapping,
I think there are different character- and editor ROMs for Germany,
that allowed to use umlauts, and the symbolic mapping allows to use
them on VICE too. Martin (see below) mentions them too, so I think
they are for this - not sure if that support is complete though,
in the VICE unix version you can't really select these mapping files
(from the menu, you have to browse the filesystem and know where
to find them)


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> Hello,
> > there
> > are 3 different keyboard models selectable for the PET, "graphic",
> > "business (uk)" and "business (de)".
> > were there infact just two ("graphics"
> > and "business") and the uk/de is just for different PC keyboard
> > mappings?
> There are tree keyboard, first the chicklet keyboard (original PET 2001),
> then the graphics keyboard with the 20 key numpad (PET 2001-N) and the
> last
> one, the business keyboard (PET 2001-B,
> gif). Have a look at
> and
> For some countries (e.g. Germany) there where some kits for the business
> keyboard including an changed Exxx-EPROM (editor) with other keyboard
> mappings and some changeable keyboard caps with the right characters on
> it.
> Martin
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