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From: Bil Herd <>
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Pretty amazing.  BTW all's it did for us at first was make strange sounds as well.

Bil Herd

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> I think this info should suffice... if not, just ask!

thank you very much (and everyone else). you can check out the first results in current vice svn version. so far v364 speech works more or less ok, c64 magic voice unfortunately is much more complex, and also the games (WoW and
Gorf) aswell as the magic voice rom itself use various modes in their speech data (such as 48bit frames, triangle etc) that the v364 rom doesnt use. it basically works, but all those mentioned features are missing in the t6721 emulation, so the games only output funny noise at the moment, aswell as a few words in the magic voice rom (try 68) =)

xplus4 -speechrom spk3cc4.bin

x64 +cart -cartmv Original_MVSM_251476.bin
x64 +cart -cartmv Original_MVSM_251476.bin -cartcrt wow.crt

(if you want to peek at the implementation: src/core/t6721.c, src/c64/cart/magicvoice.c src/plus4/plus4speech.c) 

that said, if you can give some hints on those 48bit frames, please do so - that seems to be the biggest challenge now to get something useful out of those games (which frankly, is pretty much the main motivation to do all this stuff hehe).


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