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Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 20:24:24 -0400
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From: 	Jack Rubin[]
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>Thanks - looks like I'll have to get another Toronto weekend into my life somehow.

Always great to see you, Jack!

Hope you manage it; I guess the last time we spent the little 
time we had looking at S100 CP/M & Cromemco disks and
cards and not much PET or AIM65 stuff.

As a matter of fact the MTU manuals are mine and Steve was 
kind enough to scan them and make them available on the web.
What I have is the original K1008 (A) KIM/SYM graphics card 
and the K1007-1 (B) KIM/PET interface to connect it to a PET.

Why were you asking about the KIM/PET interface? 

Steve also scanned the manuals for the later PET-specific
graphics card and the software package.

I think I asked before, but I don't suppose you (or anyone
else on the list) has seen a copy of that KGP graphics
software package anywhere by any chance?

Hope we see you soon up here,



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> Hi,

I do not own these boards... just scanning and posting for the 
> owner. I just posted an MTU catalog, so that completes everything I was 
> given.

We might get together and try installing the graphics board at 
> this months TPUG meeting, time permitting. And hopefully will be able to post 
> some screenshots or hardware pictures.


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> Thanks for the MTU info - do you have the KIM/PET 
> interface? 

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