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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 03:04:59 -0500
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Well, even if there's no info available they'd be interesting to explore...

Let's see if anyone else knows anything about them.


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> Mike H Stein wrote:
>> testing hardware [..] what they are and how they are used?
> As I mentioned in the forum thread, I picked up a couple of those from the
> former PET reseller. He told me one clips the device onto each chip and
> then can read out, either through LEDs or some custom software, which
> chips are bad. Those are harnesses consisting of many clips, and each
> device is unique for each type of motherboard. I didn't have reason to
> investigate them further, but I have a few testing devices in a box in the
> basement in case anyone is better suited to handle them.
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