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I guess I think more like an engineer than a collector as my first thought is that the work would be so obsolete as to be meaningless, but then I remember the thrill of holding the hand drawn 6502 schematic, now THAT I would frame if I had it.

Can you see someone having that in a big pile and not knowing it?

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What we need is an email campain to any/all people/companies that might possibly have purchased the IP from commodore... gateway, escom, amiga technologies, western design center, whomever... and track down where this went. Someone should know.
Then we need to convince them to release these things ;-)


PS: Perhaps Brian Bagnall since he's working on an update to his Commodore story book.

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> On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Justin wrote:

> I'm surprised that CAD drawings 
> for the ASICs and whatnot didn't escape along with the death of 
> Commodore.

AFAIK they did.

Back during my times at the PLD 
> division of AMD I was once approached by one of our customers apparently having 
> the schematics of the Amiga CIA with regard to cloning them.

That was 
> around 1997/98.


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