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Hi Ernie,
The parts cannibalizing was referring to existing systems and grabbing parts  for one from another.

As far as internal strife at CBM I was gone by that time but had lunch and partied with the guys regularly… in some ways it was like witnessing a slow drowning.  I didn’t sense that there was any leadership from the PC Jr guy (copying what someone did at another company is not a strategy) or the Nabisco guy (computers are inedible for the most part), the Amiga efforts were still productive from a HW/SW technology sense  but without marketing backing and the PC guys were told to remove vital features such as MMU’s so that they would have something to sell in a year or two (NOW with MMU!  Get yours today)… meanwhile they were to charge more for less.  I remember the noise one engineer made when describing the dilemma he had in doing what he was told, the forlorn whine reminded me of what a bull elephant would sound like on it’s third day stuck in a tar pit. (It helped that the guy doing the melancholy wail was 6’8”).  It was inevitable that eventually guys started showing up for lunch with bite marks and fingers missing.

I haven’t watched much of the Deathbed Vigil or read the last part of Bagnall’s book as it was sad enough that I turned it off and closed the book. Sometimes it’s best to just drop the patient off at the ER, leave and don’t ask how it turned out, I felt that way about the details of the last couple of years.

Aw hell now I am melancholy; quick, someone tell a Pet or Vic story!


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Bill -

Your brief but tantalizing reply leads me to believe that there is a much bigger tale here than first seems. To my knowledge the only components cannibalized for the C65 were the SID chips.

From other postings that you have made it is apparent that you are a knowledgeable raconteur of the "Tales of Commodore" - anything to add here?


On 4/22/2010 5:27 PM, Bil Herd wrote:

Very fitting, the C65 is from the days when CBM resorted to cannibalism internally.

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thanks for replies... cannibalism of course but who has C65 board to take

pieces? :)

all the best


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Ogg: RE: Commodore 65

Were C65 chips ever available outside of a few units from the CBM Labs?

Where do people get spares like VIC these days?


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Dear Friends

I am new to the list and I am a fan of Italian old Commodore. Thank you all

for helping me want to offer. I have a Commodore 65 board missing some


Does anyone have spare parts for this machine? thank you very much Carlo

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