Re: 6809 assembly knowledge needed

From: Nate Lawson <>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 10:52:40 -0800
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Rainer Buchty wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Feb 2010, wrote:
>> - The PDF says: "I/Os are not 5V tolerant". I see a lot of resistors
>> to handle this. But is it still capable of driving the C64 plus some
>> extras? If not, what is needed to make it capable? For example, will
>> 74HCT245's and 541's do?
> You don't need extra level shifters as GODIL comes readily equipped with
> such. These you can use (adds 700ps to the timing path), but you don't
> need to in case you don't require 5V tolerance.

Right, and you can configure the board for either the level shifter or
series resistors. In the resistors case, you're actually using the
internal ESD diodes to Vcc and GND to conduct current where the external
input exceeds or undershoots these, respectively.

>> - I'm not a newbee but I'm more famliar with Altera. What is needed,
>> hard- and software, for programming it?
> Xilinx ISE Webpack should be sufficient.
> (Personally, I don't have Altera experience, but from comp.arch.fpga I
> get the feeling that Altera does a somewhat better job when it comes to
> the general usability of their software.)

I use ISE webpack and it's clunky but works. I've heard good things
about Altera. Unfortunately, there's no generic software for synthesis
so you have to choose the package that goes with the device you select.


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