Re: Transfer 8050 disks - Catweasel (was: PET 2001 Fix)

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 18:33:04 +0100
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On Freitag 08 Januar 2010, you wrote:
>  (even if software imaging programm lack of functionalities).
if you have suggestions/feature requests/ideas/whatever, please send them over 
in private mail and i will see what i can do :) (you might want to have a look 
at too)

>  In my case, I've tryed 4 or 5 different drives that I
>  had under the hand and choosed the oldest, a Toshiba that came probably
>  from my first PC-XT; it supports 80 tracks, it's direct driven, and
>  accepts flippy disks without any modification.

sounds interesting... since atleast the common way to modify drives to accept 
flippy disks (reed switch) has some unfortunate side effects (the index signal 
becomes less predictable, and typically longer than it should - which makes 
delaying with it in the software kinda hard). do you have a modell number or 

> I thought that catweasel was able to
> read 8050 disks, but, reading deeply the manual, I've seen that I had to
> find a "very hard to find" 100TPI drive to connect in the PC !

hehe, ofcourse... you need the right drive for your disks :)


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