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From: M H Stein <>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 22:34:17 -0500
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I have one of those MTU Visible Memory boards (K-1008) and it doesn't 
sound like either of the boards you're discussing; there were two models
actually, the K1008 which was designed for a KIM but could be used in
a PET with an adapter board, and the K1008-6 which was designed for
the PET and added a few features. Both were 8K, 320x200 and could
also be used as ordinary expansion RAM.

No PIA and no low/high res option IIRC. I do have the manuals for both
versions and some demo software somewhere and will have to some day
see if there's any compatibility, but it doesn't sound likely. Pixels are
addressed linearly with one byte=8 horizontal dots and I don't think they
were capable of mixed text and graphics either, but it's been a long
time so I may be completely wrong.

Time to dig it out of mothballs and get reacquainted; maybe next year...

Meanwhile, all the best of the season to all the CBM hackers, and let
the new year be one of the best yet.


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On Tue 22 Dec 2009 at 22:40:15 +0100, Didier Derny wrote:
> Is it the board, with 2 graphic banks low res, or 1 high res but shaky...  ?
> It it's this board it was extremely slow

I think that must be a different one. Looking though COMPUTE! magazine,
I see ads for a Visible Memory by a company called MTU (Micro Technology
Unlimited). This is a different board (unless W and W copied its design,
of course). Maybe the VMM board is the one you mean? I have never seen
one in reality.

> And as far as I can remember it was incompatible with the 64k board
> Without some "electric tweaking"...

That's quite possible, since they both sit on the expansion bus.
In the 8296 you can even have RAM at $9000-$AFFF from the internal
128K (by grounding some expansion bus pins with jumpers) but the hi-res
ram overrides that, at least in my emulation.

> didier
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