Re: CBM D9090 Update

From: Bill Degnan <>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 15:37:12 -0500
Message-ID: <3567856f$27495386$4fbcc63c$@com>
> READ and WRITE are going to be straightforward since the drive is so
> "small" compared to the max drive size (24-bit block address?), but
> FORMAT is a big question in my mind - what _is_ the DOS card sending
> to the SASI controller in the D90x0 drive?  It should be easy to find
> in the code, since it's attached to the "(N)ew" code, but to my
> knowledge there isn't a well-commented disassembly of the DOS board
> code out there anywhere.  Also, that code will be different between
> Rev A and Rev C ROMs, just so you know (45 minute format vs 2 hours on
> the same-sized drive).

Would it be useful for me to attempt to extract the DOS board code?  I 
figured this was already available, but I could grab the machine lang code 
and save to disk (I think) and then post on my web site.  I may also have a 
printout of this drive's ROM, I do know that I have the 4040 drive ROM 
assembly code printout in a binder.  I am not as experienced as many 
members here, at these things but the task of extracting the D9090 machine 
code would be a good learning experience for me and I don't mind the 


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