RE: CBM D9090 Update

From: Didier Derny <>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 20:56:49 +0100
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SASI is really easy to emulate, 
Even worse  :) the 9060 / 9090 could even believe that it is really connected to the hard disk
He wants.

SASI is really simple no heads, no tracks, just a continuum of blocks 0 .. size of the disk

For the rest it's almost a simple parallel port.

I'll have to check the firmware of the 9060/9090 to see what command need to be implemented
(probably 4 or 5)    status, inquiry, read, write, format

I'll write a short documentation on SASI. 

For the interface card, the one I was using was just a 6522
With a 4K eprom in $9000  the via was In $9ff0

The software to send a sasi command was 256 bytes long :)

As far as I can remember data on port A, ACK on CA1 
REQ on bit 7 of port B   I/O bit 6 C/D bit 5

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Hallo Didier,

> I have a « wild » idea ...

It is not wild at all. In fact it is good. But 1) just find someone who can 
program it and 2) the find out if it is good enough for the SASI 
controller. If it isn't the 3) find someone who understands SASI.

My own idea: skip the SASI and replace these parts of the ROM with that 
addresses an IDE hard disk (or a SD card or what ever) directly. But lack 
of time...... :(

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