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In addition to the below, the DCR has no exhaust fan on its power supply, though the mounting holes are there, as are the solder points for powering the non-existent fan in the power supply board.

On Nov 30, 2009, at 2:00 AM, Niklas Ramsberg wrote:

>> Were there 128D's that were made with the original PCB in the bigger case or was it just released as  the 2nd rev of the PCB board?  (The big holes in the middle of the production 128 board were there to accommodate the D chassis.)
> Afaik there were two versions of the C128D released, one in a plastic
> case with the standard PCB and 1571 electronics on a seperate board,
> and one later model (usually called the C128DCR) with a smaller PCB
> which included the 1571 electronics and 64K VDC RAM and the 8580 SID.
> The former model is more common in Europe, the latter in the US iirc.
>> Are these "real" 128D's thought of any differently than the production ones? Are they curiosities, collectors items or just old trash?
> Judging by the money people have paid for C64 and C364 prototypes all
> Comodore prototypes are collectors' items.
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