Re: D9060 Help Needed

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 12:06:22 -0600
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Ethan Dicks wrote:
> Nice.
I mainly wanted one so I can see how CBM planned HDD storage (I have 
noticed an addition ',1' on the end of error strings, but maybe that's 
just BASIC 4.0's ?ds$ doing that.)  If there is anything of interest in 
the drive ROM/functionality that can be added to uIEC, I'd like to find out.

> Given that you don't know about the state of the Tandon drive, I'd
> grab an ST225 or ST251 and drop that in there (checking the drive
Anyone have one I can borrow :-)  I don't have (never did) much in the 
way of vintage HDDs

> Be sure to check the state of the J13/J14 jumper - it goes in D9060
> mode for a 4-head drive and D9090 mode for a 6-head drive (or you can
> just leave it at 4 heads for either drive).  One unit I "repaired" had
> a 4-head drive but was set for 6 heads.  As expected, the low-level
> format was unsuccessful until I matched up the board setting with the
> capabilities of the hardware.
I'll check that, but I would think the drive would give 00,OK,00,00 for 
commands like reading the drive channel.  I always get a 74.

> You should also check the ROMs on your boards against the versions
> dumped on -
I will check.
> I have an old CBM document that mentions that the newer version of the
> ROMs takes substantially longer than the older version (like 2 hrs vs
> 45 minutes), so I thought I should mention it if you get impatient.
Yeah, I was reading the manual on Zimmers last night and noticed the 2 
hours 45 minute formatting timeframe :-)

If I had to guess, I'd wager the SASI board is bad, as it was getting 
12V but not 5V for a number of power cycles.  I have not looked at the 
schematic in depth, but I would assume they did not bring 12V to the 
board for nothing, and operating with only half a supply might not be 
good for it.


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