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Other than 1571 support in CBMXfer 0.26, are there any other benefits to use
it over CBMXfer 0.25 with a XA1541 adapter and 1541 II Drive?

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I've had good success transfering 8x50 disks using a B128, serial cable,
cbmlink, and my own CBMXfer (not really required if you can use the cbmlink
commandline interface). The nice thing about the B128/600 is its
built-in RS-232 port, so there are no specialized cabling or adapters to


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> Bil Herd wrote:
> > When we included the Monitor program in the TED (Plus4, etc) that
> disassembly and display of memory the head of Commodore England sent a
> saying that we had created the perfect machine for software piracy.
> Surely a few earlier Commodore machines had some sort of built-in monitor,
> least the CBM-II series? Now again, those were expensive and meant for 
> businesses while the C16 and Plus/4 clearly were home computers. I presume

> software piracy back then was almost entirely associated with home users
> games. However I have come across a number of Datatronic administrative
> packages which require different key dongles in the cartridge port to run
on the 
> CBM 700. Interestingly enough almost all of them origin from earlier PET
> and 8000 versions, on which there was no cost effective way to create
> thus the business software on the PET side seemed completely unprotected?
> For the moment being, I'll archive those PET/CBM software packages that
> meaningful: Basic compilers not already present on Zimmers etc, but skip
> billing, factoring and store handling softwares entirely in Swedish. A
bunch of 
> these are in 8050 or 8250 format which complicates the archiving further.
> Since we have have drifted off the original topic, could anyone suggest
the best 
> or easiest way to archive 8050 formatted floppy disks? These are my choice
> weapons:
> PET 3032 / 4032 / 8032-SK / CBM 610 / CBM 710
> VIC-20 / C64 / C128
> Drives: 2031 / 8050 / 8250 / 8250LP / 1541-II
> Interfaces 1: VIC-20 IEEE interface, possibly C64 IEEE interface
> Interfaces 2: C2N232I, uIEC/SD (with CBM 610 patch), XM1541
> The only possibly interesting cable I have not built would be a cbmlink
> but I assume the C2N232I in many ways fill the same function. Obviously I
> need the names of some good copying programs too. Some of those interfaces
> out access to other drives, i.e. it tends to be hard to use an IEC and an
> drive at the same time on a VIC/C64, but it depends on which IEEE
interface one 
> got..
> Best regards
> -- Anders Carlsson
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