Re: info cpm board for cbm 8032

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 12:37:44 -0800
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Hi Ruud, wrote:
> The unpopulated socket is meant for a 6502. As the you can see there 
> is no EPROM onboard. The unpopulated 24 pins socket is NOT meant for 
> an ERPOM. Pin 1 and 3 are connected to ground, pin 12 isn't. Pin 2 
> is connected to +5V, pin 24 isn't. I have no idea at all what could 
> fit there.

That is a strange pinout.  I thought that perhaps the socket could also be for 
an Intel or Zilog peripheral chip.  However, I wasn't able to find one that 
matched the pins you listed above.

The board in Dave Dunfield's photo also has the same empty socket.  It could 
be for a proprietary expansion.  This is also a little strange.  I would think 
that any expansion would use headers like the others on the board rather than 
a socket.


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