Re: VIC-20 Paddle Notes

From: Daniel Kahlin <>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 08:30:09 +0100 (CET)
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On Sun, 22 Nov 2009, Anders Carlsson wrote:

> I know virtually nothing about the technical details, but on the Denial
> web forum which you also frequent, there has been discussions over the
> years about capacitors (?) going old inside the VIC and C64 too, causing
> paddle jitter. Is this a factor you have considered, and perhaps have a
> good fix for? Various solutions have been mentioned, but I can't recall
> if anyone had the definite answer.

The Neos/NCE mouse works with the VIC20.   This is because it uses the 
POT line as right mouse button and a clocked protocol for data.
It has the rather stupid feature that the left button blocks the protocol 
though because FIRE is used both for the left button _and_ the 
Now, what I'd like to see would be a mouse converter supporting this 
protocol but with both buttons wired to a POT line.   It could even be 
made to include the buttons in the data protocol which is just 4-bits of 
data per clock edge with a blanking period to reset the state.
Such a setup would work for both the C64 and the VIC20.


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