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Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:36:52 -0400
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> > The Commodore Tech Notes says you can also upgrade a 4032 using the 
> > expansion kit and wanted to try it for myself....
> Interesting.  Could you pass along the Tech Note number/date?  I have
> a couple of binders of those myself and would love to look for it.

Commodore 4096?
"The 64K memory expansion board that converts the 8032 into an 8096 will 
also operate on the "FAT 40" 4032. The operation is the same as on the 
8096." Purchase NOS expansion kits here! 

Summarized from the Commodore Midwest Regional Staff Newsletter April 15, 

> > I also experimented with the process of backing up machine language
> > cassette programs to disk.  I plan to post these images to my web site
> > asap.  One of my goals is to archive cassette iimages.  I have a set 
> > "Cursor" programs on cassette and some other stuff from a small company 
> > Connecticut.
> I archived a box of tapes from 1978-1982 a while back (a mix of
> self-written and commercial tapes) but I did it mostly with an MS-DOS
> app and a real CBM datasette attached to a PC parallel port (I still
> have the cable, but I'm not sure where the software ended up).  I had
> success with over 90% of the tapes, but I still have the tapes and
> wanted to shoot for that last 5-10%.  What method are you using to
> archive your tapes?

The hard ones to do are the machine language tapes.  I loaded the program 
into memory and then copied the memory to a diskette.  Once on a disk I can 
move to a modern system.

1. format your disk. I have a 2040 attached to my Commodore PET 2001-16N 

OPEN 1,8,15 

2. Load the program you have, know where it's been loaded. For example, 
BREAKOUT is loaded by cassette into memory locations 033F to 1491.  Worst 
case you'll have to scan memory for the program, but usually they're loaded 
near the bottom of memory in the PET era, right?

SYS 1024 - command to load TIM monitor from READY prompt of PET 

.S "0:BREAKOUT",08,033F,1491 

this means on drive 0, create a file called BREAKOUT on unit 8 that 
consists of what's in memory locations 033F through 1491. Drive 0 on unit 8 
is the right hand drive of the model 2040. 

The disk drive should activate and create the file. Reboot. Load the 

load "breakout",8,0 (assuming the disk is still in the right side drive) 

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