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From: Bill Degnan <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 21:48:43 -0400
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I had absolutely no problems with the transition.

Just to make a comment ....This weekend I upgraded my PET 8032 to an "8096" 
with a CBM 64K kit.  I started first trying to put the kit in my 4016, 
after upgrading with a 4032 board, but the 4032 board was bad.  After 
testing the socketed chips, and the power supply pnly the harder stuff 
remains.  Rather than mess with it, I just used a 8032 to upgrade instead. 

The Commodore Tech Notes says you can also upgrade a 4032 using the 64K 
expansion kit and wanted to try it for myself.   Here is where I left off:
I guess the next thing I will do is test the RAM and components around the 

I also experimented with the process of backing up machine language 
cassette programs to disk.  I plan to post these images to my web site 
asap.  One of my goals is to archive cassette iimages.  I have a set of 
"Cursor" programs on cassette and some other stuff from a small company is 

One last question - is there a place to download all of the PET User Notes 
newsletters?  Is there an index someplace?  


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