Re: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: B Degnan <>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 13:37:50 -0400
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>> I was able to build the Bedlam image on a C128 that I bought at the local
> flea market and a 1541 drive.  (using MMC64 and RR-NET with WarpCopy64).
> It's a 201 block program, pretty hefty.  I am in the
>> process of loading the works.   Cool game.
> Definitely a good test in that it pushes your hardware to the limit.
> So you copied the D64 to a SD Card and then copied it to the 1571 using
> WarpCopy64? Bummer, I can try any of that. Do you have a XA1541 adapter that
> you could try with OpenCBM to build the disk then see if it works. Or do you
> know someone that may have this setup?
> Thanks!
No I used WarpCopy but I formatted and wrote the image directly to the 
disk from the PC.  To the user, it appears as if the 1541 drive is part 
of the PC.  On the c64 the MMC 64 Interterface program is embedded in 
the cart, Warpcopy64 is on the SD card, which when loaded using the MMC 
interface, detects the RR-net ad-on and the network cable attached to my 
2nd ethernet card on my modern PC.  Meanwhile on the modern PC, 
WarpCopy.exe detects and completes the connection.  I have three drives 
hooked up to the C64 computer (8 = 1541, 9 = 1571, 10 = 1581), but I 
only write to the 1541 because most disk images are D64's.  If I want to 
I can copy disk images to an SD card and run them directly on the MMC 
64, but I usually don't do that.

My 2nd method for writing PC to CBM is by using Wcopy+ on the c64.  This 
program can write to IBM 720K disks using the 1581 drive.  The problem 
with this method is the file names, sometimes you have to rename the 
files.  If the file names change the program won't be able to find 
support files, etc.

I think I will take a picture of this set up and put on my site.


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