RE: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Scott <>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 10:24:21 -0400
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(To Bill and Peter)


> That's always the way it works "free" is never free.  Too bad you 
> probably have a RAM issue if you can run some games but not this one, 
> but from this thread there is a lot of analysis that I cannot add to. I 
> have one of these diagnostic carts that works well to find problems.

> I don't have anything for sale at this time.  I only have the Commodore 
> poster and a few B Series things for sale on my web site.

Thanks, I wish I had a test cartridge but all I have 64 Doctor, Is there a
better diagnostic program out there. Running 64 Doctor, the 64C passes all
the tests. 


OK, it sounds like your C64 is defective to me.  There must be some 
> issue with the PLA or the IO port ($00/$01) on the 6510 so it crashes 
> when it changes memory configurations.  Someone else had this problem 
> recently where their C64 would run some programs, but anything that 
> changed the RAM config port would crash.  Unfortunately, you'll need
another C64 to troubleshoot that completely.

So you feel that the PLA or 6510 is bad? What is the number on the PLA? The
6510 I should be able to pick up locally if I'm lucky. We have a Electronics
store that's been open since the late 50' and they have about anything. 

Also, do you know of any diagnostic software that is better than 64 doctor?

Today I'm going to run around and see if I can find a 64 somewhere. Antic
stores, pawn shops etc. Wish me luck. :) I'm also watching 2 on Ebay. 

Note: I hope it's ok to combine responses to you guys. Please let me know if
it would be better to seperate

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