Re: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:07:49 +0200
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On Freitag 23 Oktober 2009, Scott wrote:

> > by now there really arent many programs left that do run on a c64 but not
> > in emulation, the emulators really became damn good in the past few
> > years.
> The emulators are great but it just not the same and playing on the
> original equipment / Joysticks.

yes sure, but thats not the point :)

> > ... and there is a possible cause, the fastload cart :) remove the
> > fastload cart, and remove all devices from the iec bus except the floppy
> > drive. then try again :)
> I just recently bought it off Ebay (back in the day I owned a Mach 5
> Cartridge). But these problems started way before I receive the Fast load
> cartridge. But I will def pull it and try again. I had disconnected the
> C64TPC last week sometime thinking it may be impacting the load.

the point is that many programs dont "like" cartridges and will not work with 
them. so whenever something doesnt work that you think it should, remove all 
extra hardware for a test-

> > there is also a very slight chance that you have one of the rare 64 cycle
> > VICs (normally ntsc VICs have 65 cycles per line) - in that case take
> > that c64, store it safely, and get another one - hardly anything will
> > work on it, but its a nice collectable :) you can try the "ntsc (old)"
> > setting in vice and check if it then behaves like your c64 ... or open
> > your c64 and read the chip markings on the vic (forgot what
> > revision/number the old ntsc vic is though).
> How cool, I didn’t even know these existed. Would these be the Bread Box
> style? Mine is the C64 C in the Beige/white 128 looking case. If it is,
> I'll open er up and let you know the rev of the VIC chip. Also, I'll check
> out the NTSC (old) setting and see if it matches how my 64C is acting.

yes, they would be breadbox style... the new white c64s do certainly not 
contain the old 64 cycle vic.


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