RE: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

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Can you send an outline of the process and tools you're using?  

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Subject: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

Hopefully someone out there has tried this and will be able to help me sort
this out. 


I am having a high failure rate copying D64 files to disk.

It seems that Win Vice is more compatible than my 64C setup. Most of the
D64, Prg and P00 files work great on Win Vice but once copied to disk, fail
once loaded. 


Example is Bedlam, I have found 7 or 8 different sources of this program,
all seem to work on Vice but once I transfer them to disk, then to my 64C
setup, they don't work. 


Normally the screen goes black, freezes after RUN or has lots of garbage on
the screen. Some fail after the Crack screen runs (The crack screen always
seems to work).


PAL vrs NTSC. I've read a ton on the internet and it seems that for the most
part, PAL games should work but run faster. Though I'm pretty sure some of
them won't work at all which may be part of my problem. But I'm having
trouble (on the 64C side) even with the ones that say they are NTSC.


My PC setup: (no more clone drive)

XA1541 adaptor connected to a 1541 II Drive (Alignment and speed perfect)
Using OpenCBM and CBMXfer GUI (CBMXfer defaults to OpenCBM's D64Copy.exe to
copy files to disk).


My Commodore setup:

64C with 2nd 1541 II Drive (Alignment and speed perfect). Epyx Fast load
cartage. C64TPC Adaptor.


Note: I've tested the 64C with Doctor 64 and no errors were reported. Same
with the Drives. I've also checked the alignment of the Drives comparing
program results with a Factory disk, the 1541 Demo Disk and the results were


I know other 1541 devices work great and all and so do the emulators, its
just I'm having trouble understanding why my setup isn't the optimum way to
play D64 files.  


Please, any help, Advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. 


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