RE: FA: CBM 3016 + hard drive on eBay

From: Ade Vickers <>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:05:42 +0100
Message-Id: <>

> Hallo Ade,
> > It connects directly to the IEEE bus - internally, that goes to a 
> > large (18"> x 8") circuit board which, ....
> Is it just possible to identify some of the IC's on this 
> board, or better, to make a picture of it? (if no 
> disassembling is needed} Or maybe just a picture of the inner?

I'm taking some pictures of the board. It will take a little while, because
I don't want to use the flash (one of the EPROM stickers doesn't quite cover
the window, and I'd hate to zap it). Which means using the tripod... I will
post a link later on.


> Fair enough, you just provided plenty of details. Which DOS 
> version does it report as? I.e. if you read the status/error 
> channel directly after power on. Speaking of which, I can't 
> recall what the Hardbox interface to my Corvus hard drive 
> reports, but I would assume it simulates DOS 2.6 or something similar.

Using the standard A,B$,C,D result (this is Basic v2.0 IIRC, it certainly
doesn't come with the handy DS$ command), B$ reports:


So, from a "commands supported" point of view, not very helpful!

Somewhere, I have the manual. Before the auction finishes, if I find it, I
will scan the manual to PDF & make it available to this list.


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