RE: FA: CBM 3016 + hard drive on eBay

From: Ade Vickers <>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 16:18:25 +0100
Message-Id: <>

> Bill Degnan wrote:
> > What is the hard drive inside of the enclosure?  Make/model?
> Back in 2003, Ade wrote on another mailing list that the 
> former owner had mentioned it was a Priam hard drive. I don't 
> know if Ade has had an opportunity in the past six years to 
> open it up and check, but if the brand is correct, something 
> like Priam ID20 or perhaps V130 would make sense:

I have indeed opened it up to see what it was; and the label declares it to
be a Priam 3450.

> ID20:
> V130:
> Both of those format to 26 MB though. The seller may just as 
> well open it up to see and take a picture.

Unfortunately, to get a good picture of the drive, would require some
serious disassembly: It is fairly well surrounded by metal and circuitry. I
had to take 2 boards and one metal piece off just to see the model number!

> Does it connect 
> directly to the IEEE bus or via an additional interface box?

It connects directly to the IEEE bus - internally, that goes to a large (18"
x 8") circuit board which, in turn, is connected to a 2nd board which sits
atop the HDD itself. A 3rd circuit board under the drive is, I assume, a
Priam board, containing the driver circuitry.

I've since re-assembled everything again, & don't fancy taking it apart -
some of the screws are a bit fiddly to reach.


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