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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 18:56:16 +0200
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Hallo allemaal,

The docs of the TE-WI module state clearly that you can use IEC and 
IEEE parallel to each other. Device numbers < 128 are for IEEE 
devices, numbers > 128 for IEC devices ie. for 1541 device 8 use 
136. (Wer das originaler Handbuch hat, oder eine Kopie, bitte sehe 
euch Seiten 14 und 19 an).
FYI: the TE-WI module has a ROM, 6522, 7438's, 74LS125's and a 
74LS245 as drivers onboard.

Then I found a module called "  BASIC 4.0/IEEE 
488/GRAPHICS/COLOR PRINTER INTERFACE" from Ing. Roland Köhler, Wien 
(Vienna, Austria). You can either use the IEC bus or the IEEE bus. 
You can switch by calling an onboard ROM routine.
FYI: it only has a ROM, 6821 and two resistor arrays onboard.

I also found several modules containing a ROM, 6821, 74LS245, 7417 
and two resistor arrays onboard. The ROM contained BrainDOS. AFAIK 
this is made by a group a Dutch users and the only two people I knew 
using it have died.

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