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From: Philip Lord <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:54:53 +0900
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Thanks again for the replies.
  I'm actually going to put the Pet to one side for a couple of weeks,  
as I feel I'm getting a little burnt out on it...and recently work has  
me pulling all nighters on a semi regular basis. Sucks!
I'll come back to it once I have a little more time.

I do have one unrelated and off topic question for the list:
I have a sharp MZ80k (similar in design to the pet, but z80), and I  
want to replace the 'read write' head in the cassette deck as I  
believe it has died. the head reads KA30 OE030, and I have done a  
search for these numbers but can not find any information. I have  
found a place that sells mono heads:

...but I really need to know what Ohm rating I need before purchasing  
something. The number (KA) 30 makes me think it might be 300 Ohm.

Does anyone have experience with audio parts?

Thanks again

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>>> The schematic says 1.0 25v so I purchases a 25v 1.0uf capacitor, but
>>> looking at the part I removed through a magnifying glass, it says 1k
>>> 35v. I'm guessing that 1k=10uf. If so, in that case I bought and
>>> installed the wrong parts.
>> Capacitors are sometimes marked in multiples 1 nF (1000 pF). This one
> sounds
>> like its the latter, so the "1k" here likely means 1000 nF, or 1.0  
>> uF.
>> Other caps are usually marked with the actual value (with units) or a
> value
>> code measured in pF.
> If you see a 25v replaced with a 35v there is usually a reason such  
> as a
> field upgrade or compensation for another change up the line.  I  
> would opt
> to use a 35v to be sure.
> Bill
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