Re: Dead PET 2001

Re: Dead PET 2001

From: Philip Lord <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 22:46:10 +0900
Message-id: <>
Just a quick update:
I got all the parts I needed today. It cost me a total of about US$8  
as I got multiples (6) of everything, as well as some 16V 47uf caps too.
The only thing I couldn't find was the 5402 diodes, but the shop  
keeper sold me some 3004's and said they were basically the same thing.

I got home a little late from work so I haven't had much time, but I  
did desolder one lead of the CR3 (5402) diode and tested it with my  
digital multimeter set to the diode setting. With the leads connected  
one way I get a reading of 4.61V, and with the leads reversed I get  
'OL' maybe I can assume the CR3 diode is good. Just to be sure I   
tested one of my new 3004 diodes with the meter and it read 4.88V one  
way, and of course 'OL' the other way...close enough. So I think I can  
keep the original diode in place.

Thats it for now...more updates soon.


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