Re: Feasibility? - 1541 Ultimate conop

Re: Feasibility? - 1541 Ultimate conop

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:15:52 +0200
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On Donnerstag 13 August 2009, Justin wrote:
> I posted this on the 1541U forum but that is a pretty limited group
> and most people there are not as intimate with the hardware as I see
> on CBM hackers, so I thought I'd chuck this idea out there to see
> whether it made sense.  I'll likely float it elsewhere as well.
> I have an idea that I think the 1541U would be a very "ultimate"
> feature.
> We all know that the wonderful thing about the 1541U is the
> combination of excellent emulation of the real hardware along with the
> ability to use the freezer to change images on the fly. The 1541U also
> handles .T64 files and will do the fast DMA injection and execution of
> those programs. The DMA approach won't work for conventional D64 or
> G64 images, but what if the image format is extended to include a
> snapshot of RAM at the moment when the program finishes loading to its
> main screen? This would be akin to the suspended state in a VMWARE
> image. Then you could select the image file, the 1541U would DMA the
> snapshot into RAM, load the image file into the emulated 1541, and
> then resume execution.  I would imagine that to really do this right,
> you'd also want to preserve a snapshot of the original image, and keep
> any writes to it (from a program that writes back to the disk) as
> diff's from the original image.  That way at any time you could revert
> the image, redo the DMA load of the memory snapshot, and start over.
> I don't really imagine this creating significantly larger file sizes,
> and the usability improvements would be exceptional.  Things like
> JiffyDOS would be more or less obsoleted by this approach except for
> in-image alteration.  And frankly there is no reason that cannot be
> done inside the 1541U's freezer menu beyond someone taking the time to
> write it.
> Comments?

sounds very pointless to me. it's a lot of work (and i mean it, a LOT) to get 
it right (not even the existing freezer works right) and all that to speed up 
initial loading times that arent more than 5 seconds or so with a cartridge 


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