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Hallo allemaal,

It seems I have things running now. Reading or writing a floppy takes 31
seconds. The writing is without formating, that's another 30 seconds. I
archieved this with using the 1541 routines, I tried the 1571 ones but
then something goes wrong. The reading itself goes fine, no lost bytes
or whatever, but the result is gibberish. As I'm pleased with my 31
seconds I'll stick to my own routines for the moment.

I yet have a question regarding the formatting. When formatting a
floppy, the header of a sector will hold the original ID. If I copy an
image to floppy W/O formatting the ID found in track 18 / sector 0 won't
match with the ones in the headers. Could this lead to problems? TIA!

My future plans:

I now have:
- 1541IDE1, 1541 compatible: harddisk only, 16 KB, only change of ROM +
IDE hardware needed
- 1541IDE2, 1541 compatible: harddisk + floppy, 32 KB, change of ROM +
IDE hardware + extra RAM needed
- 1541IDE3, 16 MB images: harddisk only, 16 KB, only change of ROM + IDE
hardware + extra RAM needed

I'm thinking about dropping the 32 bits version, the version where I can
treat the whole harddisk a one drive. IMHO the efforts are not worth the
result. But given a good argument, I could change my mind.

I use JiffyDOS as base of all the above versions. I created the 16 KB
versions by re-engineering the original BIN first, removing all unneeded
routines, like formatting a floppy or moving the head, and moving all
left over routines to one heap. This left a big gap at the and of the 16
KB range to be used for my own purposes. The 32 KB version is created by
replacing some instructions in the original ROM with JMPs or JSRs that
point to the $8000/$BFFF area. 
And now for legal matters. The 32 KB version enables me to spread
1541IDE W/O any problem: I give away the BIN of the $8000/$BFFF area
plus a tool to patch the original ROM. But the 32 KB version requires
some extra, more difficult, soldering which I like to avoid. So I prefer
a 16 KB version. Who can advise what is legal in this matter? Especially
in how far can I use the sources created by re-engineering the original?
I know I cannot use them as-so but OTOH a wheel will only roll if it is
round and not square.

I will also have a look at the Kernals of the VIC-20 and C64 to find out
if I can create JD compatible versions as well. For the moment I'm only
interested in communication protocol.

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