RE: [OT] Realtek 8100C chip

RE: [OT] Realtek 8100C chip

From: Bil Herd <>
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 21:49:45 -0500
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I believe that every component on a PCB that took a hit bad enough to blow
something up is suspect or may fail or has already failed. :( Lightning
breaks most of the conceptions about current flow. (ground, what ground?)

Not sure what an industrial 6 nic router is, very familiar with Cisco's and
the like, I myself would purchase rather than repair almost anything in my
inventory excepting a power supply, etc. 

I know it's after the fact but I have had real good luck with a tiered
lightning protection in my home and business.  They make surge suppressors
that attach to the main breaker box, I usually but them on dedicated
breakers so when it does toast the breaker then blows.  From there the
suppression in the various UPS's etc have less to do.  I have probably 9-10
UPS's running in the house at any one moment, I run on generator
occasionally and only let expensive stuff see the gen through a UPS.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck.


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It is rather off topic here but I think there is a lot of relevant
knowledge in this community so I decided to ask:

Last night I had a lightning strike nearby and - of course - a lot of
damage around :-( Most of the power supplies were surge protected so
things didn't break from this side but... among other things one port
of my pretty expensive, industrial 6 NIC router got damaged through
the ethernet cable... I located the Realtek single chip network
controllers inside and I would like to replace the damaged one (I
should still be able to do the SMT [de]soldering from my Commodore
service times) but I can't find the chips in my regular sources. The
thing is too expensive to simply throw away and replace so I would
like to take the risk of repairing it. Could anyone help?



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